Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Winter Wonderland

Sledding when you're 27 and 33 years old is not as easy as it was when you were 10.

But the snow is just as beautiful.

Root vegetables have been a huge part of our sustenance lately. I've perfected the art of roasting beets and turning them into delicious little salads with arugala and spinach.

This season has also seen the perfecting of my now infamous White Bean Soup. I'll be incredibly generous with you and share the recipe:

Sautee two tablespoons of garlic with one overflowing tablespoon of smoked paprika, many sprigs of thyme, and two cans of rinsed white beans with olive oil. Once this has all cooked, slowly begin adding vegetable stock. I like to get up to 8 cups of liquid.. Add cherry tomatoes sliced in halves. Simmer for three hours. Throughout this process of sauteeing and simmering you should be adding personalized amounts of salt and pepper, and almost an entire little plastic bulb of lemon juice.  You should shrink your soup down to 4 servings by this point. Throw in a splash of cream. Add whatever chopped green you would like. My favorites are mustard greens and fresh kale. Serve a few minutes after adding greens so that they are still good and chewy.

1 comment:

  1. YUM. I need your soup this week as I battle this terrible cold. it's just terrible! I never buy canned beans b/c I like to be old fashioned, but I might pick some up just to make this soup.
    tell me more about beets. I love them.