Friday, January 14, 2011

Something from Nothing

Our Nandina has this beautiful ice formation dripping down its berries at the moment.

This winter reminds me a little of New York... It still has a large part of my heart.

I whipped up a little something from nothing today. Roasted golden beets with sauteed swiss chard, smoked gouda, pepitas, and an orange vinagrette. I'm finally beginning to catch on to my creative side with vegetarianism. I get full, this is for certain, but not heavy full. My weight has gone down a solid seven or eight pounds, and stays right where it is now. This is the lighter side of where I was when I was eating meat. I take it as a healthy sign. And, to be honest, vegetables are just so much more interesting!

I've registered for Bhavana's women's retreat this summer and am already looking forward to it. Five days in the Virginia forest, meditating with women, living in silence and simplicity. It's going to be wonderful, and challenging! This is a wonderful article I read this morning on what I expect to be the greatest challenge, yet greatest bliss I'll encounter there in the summer. Ajahn Passano's dhamma talk today on encouraging the falculties of enlightment is bringing me much inspiration on these quiet, winter hours of solitude.
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  1. the article is a good read (so far - I'm only halfway through and little arms are tugging at me). I am coming to some sort of understanding about letting go of judgements and expectations, etc. as well. It's hard and seems to be a constant lesson in life. That bowl of goodness looks delicious!
    you are an inspiration, dear, in so many ways. I love you!
    and by the way, the prospect of moving to decatur is becoming a more solid possibility, as Emory is Scott's first choice of schools.