Saturday, July 2, 2011

Life is Sweet

This is our new addition to the family: Cleveland the moo moo kitty. He's wonderfully sweet, playful, intelligent, and healthy(!). He brings joy to our lives and stirs gentle thoughts of children.

I've been trying my hand at scones lately, thanks to Jessica's splendidly quick and easy recipe. The first batch I made was better than the second. My initial try yeilded whole wheat, orange-zested peach scones. They were absolutley perfect! The second batch, pictured here, were not quite as successful. I tried to prepare them by memory and I think I may have skimped on the buttermilk. Was it half a cup or a whole cup? These little biscuits are a tad dry.... which is alright. It can easily be made up for by dunking them in the coffee!

Our living room is finally coming together. Our new couch arrived; just in time for visitors! We loved having Scott stay with us. He and Jason talked into the night about comics and philosophy and theology... it was fascinating to see the two boys completely nerd-out together.

I've been preparing for my journey north next week to the monastery. Some sitting sessions have been a real struggle, others have been easier and more love-filled. I am a little worried that I haven't been able to sit for longer than 30 minutes in any given time. Next week I will be sitting with everyone for hours at a time! Hopefully it will be easier to fall into once I am surrounded by the forrest with no work to be done, with nothing pressing on me, no contacts with the internet-world, the phone, no kitten nipping at my toes. There will be other distractions I'm sure -- the mind, the body -- but I can meet those, a moment at a time.

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  1. yes, I know Scott enjoyed geeking out with Jason! the house is looking good - can't wait to see it myself. here's a link to the recipe:

    it was just a 1/2 cup. don't know what might have gone wrong, but they sure look good.