Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I fall back in line

I've been away for too long. Learning hard lessons, writing good and important papers, and being ill for a three week stretch. So here are a few highlights from recent to bring the blog back up to date.

I've been pickling, and not pickling. Jamming and not jamming. Often I put peaches together in a bowl or fresh veggies with dill and seasoning, ready to boil for jarring. Half of my attempts have gone bad -- literally -- waiting for me to finish. One jar of pickled veggies made it. I'm thinking a bloody mary party might soon take place, garnished with these delights!

New plants for spring!

And putting all of my rock and sea shell collections into jars for the big move.... (everything apparently must go into a jar!)

A happy, recovered self packing up our sweet little home in Candler Park.

I have some words of wisdom to share soon regarding the many good and necessary lessons I've been learning on the path lately. Most of these lessons have been incredibly painful and difficult, but aren't the best ones always this way? When I find myself ready for real spirit growth, I call out to Kali and dare her to bring me the hardest of the hard obstacles. Smash my ego! Break it to pieces! Please! I know when I make this inner yell, this deep provocation, she will respond with ferocity. She cuts it to the quick. Pulls it all up from the roots! It's messy and shameful and gut-wrenching. It's ugly and smelly and gross and renders one totally naked and vulnerable. Just the right way to be most fully open for the big changes to happen inside!

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