Friday, November 12, 2010

What I Like About You

The engagement shoot was a roaring success. They came out more perfect than I ever could have imagined. My husband-to-be is such a handsom fella.

With two weeks left I've been crafting up a storm trying to get everything ready in time. I have old glass milk jugs for flower arrangements. We have bundles of twigs tied with twine. Last night Jenn and I nursed a bottle of wine together while we hand-made little nests with tiny birdies in them. And Jason cooked us a delicious dinner of creamy shrimp and grits with scallops.

Time to write my vows. Something so close to the heart should be so easy to write, but you'd be surprised. It's harder than you'd imagine. Perhaps it is because I aim for perfection, and to gather the right words to express how deeply I love this man and how beautiful he has made my life, is nearly impossible.

On another, less related note, a dear good friend of mine, Ken, performed Breema on me this Wednesday. Breema is an Indian-style type of energy work that looks, on the outside, a great deal like Tai Massage. I'd been feeling lately as though I have an energy blockage right around the area of my solar plexus, with all of th energy being pushed down towards my feet and little to no energy in the upper half of my body. About 45 minutes into the session with Ken, he placed one hand on my solar plexus and one hand on my forehead. Then quite suddenly, I was overwhelmed with feeling of greif and pain. I began to weep. Not that quiet, sweet kind of crying... but the quivering, gasping for air kind of crying. It was full-on. The energy blockage was definitely released! I was surprised that I'd been holding that all right there in my body. And the forehead is alternately where I'd press my hand roughly to try and hold back my greif. I noticed this when I first started to cry, I tried to hold my breath right at the solar plexus and my hand immediately went to my head as I pressed down on the forehead with my eyebrows furrowed. Wow! What a realization to have... this is how I shut pain down.

So, lying there on his living room floor, he let me weep it out. All of the things I'd been holding in over time: the loss of my old relationship, the death of my Grandmother, even the little kitten I'd lost a few months ago was in there too.

Afterwards, Ken's wife Siroja made us a wonderful lunch of Biryani with Rait and rice, and fresh warm chai. I felt so blessed! Even Siroja, who had been out shopping while Ken was performing Breema with me, noticed the energy change in me the moment she came home. "You look totally melted!" she said. "I am so proud of you!"

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