Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Love Your Body

I love to love my body. It's such a beautiful thing.

I feed it well. Tonight's dinner menu: sauteed mustard greens with olive oil, walnuts, cannellini beans and lemon. Sliced heirloom tomatoes with diced avocado. One large portobello cap filled with soft la tur cheese, tomatoes, arugala, squash and sundried tomatoes. End of meal: blueberry yogurt.

I pay attention to it. Together my body and I run long distances and short, depending on how it feels. I shake its booty, roll its hips, clap its hands and stomp its feet in Zumba aerobics class every Wednesday.

I pamper it. Pumpice stone, exotic salts, massages, saunas, hot tubs and steam rooms.

Last weekend my friend and I went to a Korean spa. In the women's section of this delightful spa, every woman is nude. They walk around, lay around, get salt scrubs and massages, swim, breath in the warm healing powers of hot steam. We are a community of women here. No one is really all that concerned with her nudity, or her nudity compared to yours. There were women of every age, shape, and color. I spent hours with my feminine tribe. We are glorious beings! We carry the force of creation with us in our very center, our very core. How magnificent is that?!

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